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3,5 sterren uit 15 beoordelingen
28 aug 2019 om 14:16 Good burgers
15 jul 2019 om 9:08 I am allergic to cheese and specifically said ‘no topping’ section for the cheeses. Cheese was on it burger anyway and had melted into everything. What a waste of €18. Guess the people there can’t read the orders. Or don’t bother to read the order sent
29 jun 2019 om 21:12 Op zich prima burgers maar een lullig klein zakje chips voor 3.29 terwijl je aardappels/patat verwacht is erg misleidend. Raar.
18 mei 2019 om 14:39 Delicious as always!
16 apr 2019 om 23:18 Zeer heerlijke burger gegeten!!
9 mrt 2019 om 11:32 I found the page misleading- I ordered chips/fries for over 3 euros and they were crisps on a packet that I can get from the supermarket for under 1 Euro
14 feb 2019 om 15:53 Te laat en koud. Wederom.
13 feb 2019 om 17:52 De burger was lauwwarm bij ontvangst. Qua smaak: te zout, erg droog. Een kruidige zurige mayo/yogurt saus had best bijgevoegd kunnen worden. Kortom, voor die prijs een enorme tegenvaller!
13 feb 2019 om 10:53 I love your burgers! We had a remark on the order to have one of the burgers to be welldone, but they were both medium. We would appreciate if you could pay attention next time.
2 feb 2019 om 10:28 Great burgers!!!
26 jan 2019 om 23:40 The burgers where tasteless, wet and we had max 3 bites and gave it to the dog. Two burgers, one small bag of chips filled with air, and two coke for almost €50. Ridiculous. If the food had even an (ok) taste then no complaints. But it was not eatable.