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3,5 sterren uit 21 beoordelingen
12 dec 2019 om 21:17 Delicious as always!
8 nov 2019 om 18:15 We ordered the pulled pork burger which smelled weird like it was off and we had to throw it away. As for the steak sandwich, it was not up to expectations considering its price.
7 nov 2019 om 21:54 The best burger in town
2 nov 2019 om 21:39 I ordered Moo’s and Dutch Cheeseburger and paid for extra cheese. However there was no cheese in both burgers. Delivery took more then 60 minutes.
27 sep 2019 om 17:19 Burgers were delicious but unfortunately there was no cheese on the cheeseburger...?
28 aug 2019 om 14:16 Good burgers
15 jul 2019 om 9:08 I am allergic to cheese and specifically said ‘no topping’ section for the cheeses. Cheese was on it burger anyway and had melted into everything. What a waste of €18. Guess the people there can’t read the orders. Or don’t bother to read the order sent
29 jun 2019 om 21:12 Op zich prima burgers maar een lullig klein zakje chips voor 3.29 terwijl je aardappels/patat verwacht is erg misleidend. Raar.
18 mei 2019 om 14:39 Delicious as always!
16 apr 2019 om 23:18 Zeer heerlijke burger gegeten!!
9 mrt 2019 om 11:32 I found the page misleading- I ordered chips/fries for over 3 euros and they were crisps on a packet that I can get from the supermarket for under 1 Euro
14 feb 2019 om 15:53 Te laat en koud. Wederom.